Alyssa’s Law

Blueline 360 & Alyssa's Law Compliance

In the Spring of 2020, Alyssa’a Law was passed in the state of Florida.  The mandate requires that all public and charter schools implement a mobile panic alert system that connects with emergency services to ensure real-time response coordination. Alyssa’s Law has already passed in New Jersey and is currently being considered in New York and Nebraska.

Blueline 360’s AT-EAS system meets the requirements for compliance with Alyssa’s Law. However, public schools sometimes find it difficult to comply with Alyssa’s Law due to limited funding. To assist with this, Blueline has developed several programs to help public schools affordably implement our life-saving technology.

Start-up packages with future corrective action implementation, leasing options (available through our partners at Marlin Capital Solutions and TEQlease Capitol), and community donation/fundraising programs through make it possible for schools to meet compliance and enjoy the peace of mind that Blueline 360’s AT-EAS system provides.