ARK (AT-EAS Remote Kit) – Active Shooter Response Kit 

ARK (AT-EAS Remote Kit)

ARK is a concept that we created to provide the AT-EAS -level protection for outdoor events – including concerts, festivals, art shows, county fairs, sporting events and more.

The system is designed to utilize wearable pendants, which are worn by key personnel and security, throughout an entire outdoor event. Our organic security works to support the local law enforcement working the detail through the mobile command unit. If the button is pressed, mass notifications go out to those working that detail to get them over to a scene for a medical emergency or some type of active threat. This helps provide aid to the location quickly, saving minutes and therefore, saving lives. Once the issue has been resolved, we use the same mass notification system to notify the network that the issue has been resolved.

ARK: Just one more way that Blueline 360 creates the safest facilities in America.