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Blueline 360 - Full Catalog of Technology Products

Blueline 360 created its technology to be tamper-proof and effective in the case of an active threat. Unlike our competitors, our systems have little to no instances of false alarm or accidental engagement. To deploy our technology, one must be trained and have full situational awareness and 100% intent to protect.

Note: All of our technology products require senior staff to be fully trained by the Blueline 360 team after initial installation. 

Active Threat - Early Alert System
Designed to save lives by increasing the reaction time of those facing an active attack and rapidly decreasing the response of law enforcement.
Rapid Deploy Window Concealer
This is text about the Blue Shield technology...
Rapid Entry System for Law Enforcement
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AT-EAS Remote Kit
AT-EAS-level protection for outdoor events – including concerts, festivals, art shows, county fairs, sporting events and more