K-12 School Security Solution

With the recent rise in school shootings, many local school districts are asking what they can do to prevent an active shooter on their own campus. According to Education Week, there were 24 school shooting in 2021 after August 1st and 27 so far in 2022, for an average increase of five per month. These horrific events traumatize students, parents, educators, and entire communities while igniting polarizing debates around gun control and school safety. While the debate rages, an immediate solution must be found. Blueline 360, the premier school safety and security experts, have found an answer.

Every School Needs a Game Plan

An effective game plan in the event of an active shooter requires the combination of professional security, technology, and training that works in conjunction with local school authorities, police, and hospitals. Every second is critical in response to an active shooter who has chosen a school as their target. Blueline 360’s technology and training is designed to save lives by increasing the reaction time of those facing an active attack and rapidly decreasing the response of law enforcement. Designed and managed by retired law enforcement officers and military veterans who specialize in police tactics and response, the Blueline 360 program puts an equal emphasis on technology and training to create a comprehensive and effective solution.

Building a Game Plan

OSHA recommends standard operating procedures, regular training, video surveillance, extra lighting, and alarms or alerts for active shooter events. But how do you build your school’s plan? There are several key components a school should consider:

  • What are the benefits of installing active shooter threat technology? Panic alert buttons are critical to saving lives by alerting and getting law enforcement on scene as quickly as possible. However, panic buttons are only effective when placed in locations where teachers, administrative staff and security personnel will likely be at during the time of a situation. Audio and visual alerts can disrupt an active shooter and take them out of predator mode before a shooting occurs. These elements work well in deterring an active shooter when placed properly around a campus and staff are regularly trained on best practices and procedures.
  • How often do you have active threat training? Training is the key to successful implementation and execution off a comprehensive game plan for a school. Scheduled training and education combined with systematic retraining on active shooter technology and procedures keeps onsite teams alert and aware. Every staff member, teacher, and student need to know when to shelter in place and when to evade. Your active threat training schedule will be dependent upon a professional evaluation of your current campus security levels and situational awareness of your educators.
  • Which active threat early alert system should we implement?  The Blueline 360 AT-EAS is designed to create three phases of balanced tactics. First the alert phase is vital to warn those who are under attach that a threat is imminent, and that they must take immediate action. In the second phase, the AT-EAS distracts the attacker by emitting a siren strobe that can take them out of predator mode and break their hyper focus. Lastly, instant text notifications are sent to the cell phones of pre-programmed recipients to aid in the rapid response of law enforcement and on-site security.
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Game Plan

Implementing a Game Plan

Once your strategy has been determined, it’s time to put your plan into action. With the Blueline 360 AT-EAS system and training, your school will receive support in several critical areas of strategy:

  • Panic alert button placement: Through careful security analysis, our team will help determine where your panic alert buttons should be located. Placed in tamper-proof cases, panic alert buttons will be placed in accessible locations where staff can easily deploy. Placement is key as the panic alert button will provide instant notification to all staff to evade or cover while activating an audio/visual alert that can deter and distract a perpetrator.
  • Identification of high-risk areas: There are key areas through a school that the Blueline 360 team will highlight as points for an AT-EAS strategy. These include receptionist desks, visitor waiting areas, cafeterias, breakrooms/recreation areas, classrooms, administrative offices, and gyms/outdoor facilities.
  • Supplemental support for outdoor events: Schools desire to protect key staff members and security personnel who are assisting at drop off and pick up outside, are frequently mobile, or at outdoor events. For these situations we recommend wearable, wireless panic alert buttons on lanyards, which can be deployed at anytime and anywhere. In these instances, the ARK portable security system offers educators and administrators a key advantage.

Blueline 360 Offers a Tactical Solution

Designing a game plan and implementing an active shooter early alert solution are what the Blueline 360 team does best. Our team is made up of police and military professionals who understand the importance of strategically placed systems, regular training and education, safety best practices, and situational awareness.

Put your mind at ease and let Blueline 360 be your voice.