For over 33 years, James has served in the law enforcement and security fields.  As a police officer in Port St. Lucie, Florida, James served in several capacities to include Traffic Homicide Investigations, Traffic Enforcement, Field Training, Special Investigations Division and in the Professional Standards/Accreditation Division.  In 2002, he was tasked to spearhead the traffic safety initiatives for the city, which resulted in a decrease in traffic fatalities and injuries from traffic crashes.  These educational and public partnership programs were recognized by Buckle Up Florida, Saved By The Belt, Governor Jeb Bush, in addition to 2nd place awards in 2003, and 1st  place awards in the 2004 Law Enforcement Challenge for the State of Florida (FDOT), and nationally/internationally for the IACP (International Association for Chiefs of Police) annual competitions.

Since 2016, James has dedicated his experience and knowledge to save lives towards creating active threat mitigation technology and training products and programs in the private sector.  James was awarded his first US Patent for his initial Active Shooter Alert System and currently has four pending utility and method patents on his latest inventions designed to create deterrence, empowerment, rapid alerting and effective response during active threat situations.  James is also the author of the AECE (Alert, Evade, Cove, Engage) Program which has been taught to thousands of Blueline’s end users and supporting law enforcement agencies since 2018.

James is also a certified instructor for ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), Firearms Safety/Conceal Carry Certification, Stop the Bleed, AED/First Aid, and holds both Class D & G Licenses in the State of Florida.   James resides on the Treasure Coast of Florida with his with Stephanie of 27 years and their three daughters.

James can be reached at