Blueline 360 is a highly specialized program – combining tamper-proof technology, customized situational awareness training, and law enforcement communication protocol –  that protects any facility in the case of an active threat alert. In the America of today, it’s imperative that every business owner, warehouse supervisor, arena manager, and school principal knows what to do in case an attacker approaches your facility with an intent to inflict harm.

How it Works

No-nonsense Technology
No-nonsense Technology
Our tamper-proof systems are built to be activated only in the case of an active threat – such as an armed intruder with malicious intent.
Employee Training & Empowerment
Employee Training & Empowerment
We customize our training programs empower your staff to own our technologies and feel prepared mentally and physically in the case of an attack.
Faster First Responders
Faster First Responders
Blueline 360’s relationships with local law enforcement ensures our system alerts are able to bypass traditional switchboards – so help can arrive minutes faster.
What Sets Us Apart:
Detailed, Customized Training

Dozens of rapid alert systems, designed by tech/app and alarm companies, have recently become available to consumers wanting to comply with laws like Alyssa’s Law. However, protecting against an active threat takes more than just a button – it takes true situational awareness.

That is why Blueline 360 is dedicated to providing easy-to-adopt, supportive, customized training to empower and prepare your staff to calmly and effectively handle an active threat. Our trainings, taught by retired law enforcement officers and military veterans, encourages open communication and allows employees to express their true fears. From there, we help them create a survival plan based on their individual power and capabilities. These plans include controlled drills, AECE (Alert, Evade, Cover, Engage) Training, Stop the Bleed Training, Blue Alpha Self-Defense Training, and more.

This specialized training ensures that your staff is equipped with more than just a technology manual — they’re empowered to act and react if an active threat ever occurs. We call this our Blueline 360 “control over convenience” approach – which applies to all aspects of our system to ensure reliability, functionality, tamper resistance and emergency response. This makes our state-of-the-art AT-EAS system the most reliable Active Threat Response System available.

  • Compliant with Alyssa’s Law
  • Designed and managed by former law enforcement
  • Easily deployed and activated despite a loss of dexterity
  • Network, Broadband and Wi-Fi independent
  • 48-hour independent power source
  • Tamper-resistant smart sensors
  • Encrypted MHz communication
  • 21 false alert safeguards
  • Real-time system management for tampers and failures
Learn More: Case Studies
Learn More: Case Studies

Industries We Serve

C. BroadwayChief of Police, Blueline 360 Partner Agency

“The Blueline Team has been a phenomenal group of professionals that truly presented to the city a phenomenal product and system geared toward target hardening our facilities in the city of Clermont.  Also, protecting our most valuable asset, that being our employees.”

P. SobelSecurity Director, Blueline 360 Protected Synagogue

“Every police officer in Groveland gets an alert in about three seconds that we have an active shooting threat going on at our congregation.  Were a little more secure. I’m still looking at other things too, I’m still watching, but I’m confident this is a great help to our security.”

A. ParishPublic Safety Supervisor, Blueline 360 Partner Agency

“I love the concept: Quick response, trying to get everyone safe from beginning  to end so they can all get home safely.  I love how we’ve incorporated the dispatch aspect to it, having the DATA System at communications, which again as soon as the officers get the texts, we get them too and were all in the know and we will approach the incident with what’s needed.  Blueline has been great with any new ideas and they definitely have Lantana’s support.”

M. GanzTeacher, Blueline 360 Protected K-5 School

“I feel much better that with all that’s going on now, we have a system in place.  I feel much better and more comfortable coming to work.”

M. BarnesAdministrator, Blueline 360 Protected K-12 and Church

“We are thankful for Blueline 360 who has thought about this system and had the heart to protect students, to protect people and to serve the communities they do.”

M. McMasterPolice Captain, Blueline 360 Partner Agency

“The end-user training that Blueline 360 did on the system was very comprehensive, very informative and it provided the understanding and knowledge that our employees needed  so that they were informed and they knew what to expect out of the system when they were alerted.  It gave them a better understanding of what the system can do and what it’s designed to do.”

J. MurphyPrincipal, Blueline 360 Protected High School

“I think the Blueline response system is phenomenal as far as being able to pinpoint a location, as far as the accuracy that it has, the ability to inform us and get everybody informed on the outside so that the students have a response, so that the teachers and administrators can all get into our positions and know that we’re going to get help and assistance much quicker than anywhere else in the United States.”

Blueline 360 FAQ’s
For your convenience are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

How do we decide which technologies are best for our facility?

A proper Active Threat Prevention Program always starts with identifying existing weaknesses. Blueline utilizes two automated platforms to conduct assessments: one platform specifically for schools and the other for public and private entities.

In 2019, Blueline 360 was  sub-contracted to to participate in the assessment of  all 250 facilities of the Mayo Clinic. The duration of the project was two months and spanned over seven states.

Do you have financing programs available for facilities with limited funding?

Yes. Start-up packages are available with future corrective action implementation; leasing options through our partners at Marlin Capital Solutions and TEQlease Capitol; and through community donation/fundraising programs like 25saveslives.org.

Are your technologies compliant with Alyssa's Law?

Yes. Our AT-EAS system was designed to be implemented specifically to create the best response possible to an active shooter.

What makes your Active Threat Protection Programs more effective than others?

Unlike our competitors, Blueline 360 applies a “control over convenience” process to all aspects of reliability, functionality, tamper-resistance and emergency response.  In doing so, we have prioritized the implementation of 21 policy and system safeguards to mitigate False Alerts.  Our state-of-the-art technology combined with law enforcement expertise makes the Blueline 360 the most reliable Active Threat Response system available.

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